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Faisalabad Travel Guide-Pakistan

Whether you arrive by bus or by rail, Faisalabad is easily reachable from both Lahore and Karachi. Whilst travelling within the city precincts you can travel by Metro which is a local bus service, run as a franchise, hire a taxi, or experience a ride in one of the ubiquitous auto rickshaws that remain popular in the city.
Faisalabad Motorway M3-M4
Faisalabad Motorway M3-M4
Situated just 10 kilometres away from Faisalabad’s city centre is Faisalabad International Airport. This is situated on the Jhang Road. There are larger international airports within Pakistan, but Faisalabad International Airport easily serves the needs of the local population.

Due to rapid growth, with industry as well as residents, Faisalaband became a City District in 2005, with a government overseeing the administration of 8 towns and their union councils. These towns include Jaranwala; Iqbal; Madina; Lyallpur; Jinnah; Chak Jhumra; Tandlianwala; and Samundari.  Faisalalbad district railway line connects with Gojra, Shorkot, and Khanewal; Faisalabad with Chak Jhumra and Sheikhupura; and the Lahore railway line connects Faisalabad with Chak Jhumra, and Sargodha. Another district line joins Lahore with Jaranwala and Shorkot.

Motorway Links from Faisalabad:

The M3 motorway was built to join Faisalabad with Pindi Bhattian, whilst the M4 is due to run from Faisalabad to Multan. The M3 was built to link the traffic from Faisalabad to the 367 kilometre M2 that runs from Islamabad to Lahore, inaugurated in November 1997. Another motorway that is currently under construction is one that is due to run from Faisalabad to Karachi, as well as others that are still at the planning stage. Pakistan’s longest highway is the N5 which runs from Karachi through to Torkham, via Multan, as well as Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar.

The first phase of the M4, running for 58 kilometres from Faisalabad to Gojra, was officially opened by Pakistan’s Prime Minister on 19th August 2009. The construction of the rest of the M4 is due to be completed in phases over the next three years at a total cost of Rs 40 billion. The next phase of the M4 to be constructed will be from Gojra to Shorkot, a length of 61 kilometres; the second phase, from Shorkot, through Din Pur then on to Khanewal, 65 kilometres long; and the third phase will complete the motorway, from Khanewal to Multan – a length of 65 kilometres. Once finished, the total length of the M4 will be 233 kilometres.

Bus Travel:

There are a number of bus companies that run regular services between Faisalabad and Islamabad, 360 kilometres away. One of the more comfortable is the Daewoo Bus company which, when you consider that the bus trip from Rawalpindi will take you around 4 hours and from Lahore, around 2 hours, is important. Apart from the Daewoo company there is no real bus network although there are plenty of local routes that intersect many of the towns and districts surrounding Faisalabad.

Auto Rickshaw:

One of the more popular ways of getting around Faisalabad has to be the auto rickshaw. These rickshaws were supposed to have been upgraded, with the traditional two-stroke rickshaws banned from Faisalabad’s streets. Despite this, the number of two-stroke auto rickshaws still hurtling around the streets of Faisalabad, defying their ban, is a surprisingly common facet of travel in Faisalabad.

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