Saturday, 5 May 2012

Faisalabad judges quit work over shoe-throwing

Faisalabad Judges on strike after the incident in which the Maqsood advocate throw boot on  Additional Session Judge Asad Ali.The city’s judges here gave up work on Saturday after an infuriated lawyer hurled a shoe at a judge as he delivered the verdict in a case.

Faisalabad Judges quit work after Maqsood advocate throw boot on  Additional Session Judge Asad Ali 

Exasperated by the verdict in a case in the court of Additional Session Judge Asad Ali, the angry lawyer Chaudhry Maqsood Advocate flung his shoe towards the judge, inviting reaction from the judges, who quit functioning in protest, a private TV channel reported.

The judges protest caused troubles to the litigants turning up to the court in mounting temperatures.

Taking immediate notice, Faisalabad Bar Association President suspended the membership of the shoe-throwing lawyer.

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