Thursday, 22 March 2012

Faisalabad traders to strike on 27th of March

Desperate traders in the Pakistan's Manchester have decided to stage a citywide strike on March 27 against long-drawn-out as well as unscheduled power outages, Geo News reported.

Faisalabad’s trade bodies, in a meeting held, also decided not to pay electricity bills until the rolling power/gas blackouts were not reined in by the authorities concerned.
Faisalabad traders to strike on 27th of March

Dejected traders condemned the power companies for bringing their business down to a grinding halt.
“ It is the economic murder of those who are trying to add value to Pakistan’s trade and industry”, said they.

Apart from the downfall of business at large, the most affected of this whole ordeal are the dailywagers who are running from pillar to post to find work but to no avail as factories, mills, and other industrial units were sitting cold without power.

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