Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Faisalabad Parks

The following is a list of some Good parks and places in Faisalabad.People of Faisalabad are not that much fun loving as compare to the people of Lahore, Karachi,Multan and other cities of Pakistan.It has been noticed that the parks of Lahore remain crowded with visitors during all the seven days of the week but people in Faisalabad prefers only to visit parks with Family only in the weekend.
Faisalabad Parks
For people interested in visiting the parks of Faisalabad here is the list of some well known parks in Faisalabad.
1.Bagh-e-Jinah Park(Company Park).
2.Fun Land.
3.Sindbad Amusement Park Faisalabad
4.Gatwala Forest Park Faisalabad
5.Butt Water Land
6.Aqua land water park
7.D-Ground Central Park
8.Pahare ground
9.Madina Welfare Society Park.

These are the list of some popular parks in Faisalabad.With the change in trend in past few years this thing is quite expected that the Government will soon built some new parks in near future.

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