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Faisalabad Airport History

Faisalabad airport is not that old that It has a big history.Only one accident up till now that take place 0n 28 May 1973, A Pakistan International Airlines Fokker F-27 Friendship crashed after striking trees 800m short of the runway. All passengers and crew survived the crash, however, the aircraft was written off since it was damaged beyond repair.
Faisalabad Airport History
Faisalabad Airport History

The airport traces into origins not too far into the past. The founder of the city decided that Faisalabad (Lyallpur) had a strategic position within the British Empire. In 1942, the local government gave permission for the construction of a bricked strip measuring 5000' by 100'. Various regional aircraft used the strip for a short time however as technology progressed the airstrip became quite out-dated. The national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines began domestic operations in 1958 operating various flights from Karachi to expand on exports and imports from the city. It was not until 1965, the bricked airstrip was re-built to meet standards at that time. The surface was built using bitumen and the length of the runway increased to 9000' by 100' to allow the airport to handle larger jet fuelled aircraft. During 1966-1967 the construction of an airport terminal and an apron to handle prop aircraft such as the Fokker F-27 Friendship was constructed.

In 1972 a new parallel runway with dimensions 9000' by 100' was constructed west of the existing runway, since the existing runway had deteriorated quite significantly. The new runway was designed to handle even larger aircraft such as the Boeing 737. In 1974 a jet apron, Taxiway-B, Air Traffic Control building and Met offices were constructed. A premium lounge and ILS were installed in 1985. In 1986 the terminal building was extended to accommodate greater number of passengers and meet future growth in air travel for the city. In 1991, the old runway was widened, strengthened and extended reaching dimensions of 9270' by 150' with surface bitumen to accommodate Airbus aircraft such as Airbus 310s. In 1993, CIP Lounge was constructed and terminal building was extended to accommodate greater travel growth. In 1998, direct Hajj operations were started from the airport annually, allowing more flights and traffic growth for the airport.

Due to more flights and greater estimates of passenger growth of the airport. Faisalabad International Airport is expected to be re-developed to meet the growth patterns for the next decade. However the CAA of Pakistan has not finalised the plans on the construction. According to a report onDecember 17, 2008 the Ministry of Defence chairman, Chaudhary Mukhtar Ahmed announced that the airport apron and taxi-ways would be upgraded so it can handle larger wide-body aircraft. Allocation of Rs. 100m have been allocated from the Annual Development programme.

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