Monday, 16 January 2012

GC University Faisalabad

The Government College University Faisalabad (or GCUF) is a general university in the industrial and agricultural hub of Pakistan, Faisalabad.It was started in 1897 as a municipal middle school. In September 1905 it was upgraded to the level of a high school. In May 1924, it attained the status of intermediate college and in October 1933 it was upgraded to degree level.The government of the Punjab declared Government College, Faisalabad an autonomous institution in 1990. The college was given the status of university on 23 October 2002.The College campus was separated from the University section.In the start the University faces great criticism in terms of management,poor facilities, Lack of control inside the campus etc but with the passage of time it gains fame.It is now among one of the best Universities in the town.
There are more than 50 faculties in GCUF.The University is currently facing some managerial issues but they are determined to resolve it soon.
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