Monday, 9 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden is alive

People believe that the Osama is Dead but there is not a single prove behind this claim made by the USA government.The Following lists of Images will clarify the whole picture.

check out these Images carefully

Images can show the difference


  1. i totally believe it and it is absolutely right up to the mark and i think this post is a good opportunity to awake whole Pakistan. And Pakistani should awake now and should realize her powers.

  2. yeah,you are right,its now or never.

  3. but who gonna make the difference.....our pak is just finishing or u can say getting weak day by day......all of aour departments are full of corruption, is there anything one can do to save pak...i want musharaf to b back in pak i guess only he has such abilities to diminish such crimes and terrorism from pak....

  4. sonu,you are absolutely right but let me just tell you that there is not a single Politician in Pakistan that is not corrupt.They are humans by face but pure animals.
    Our Army is the main reason of our Downfall
    1.SWAT operation(killing your own muslims brother)
    2.70% budget
    3.LAL Masjid Incident
    4.Karachi incident(lack of security).
    5.Plenty of other things that I don't want to add here so Its only revolution,Islamic Revolution that can bring change in Pakistan...