Thursday, 24 March 2011

Faisalabad Bomb Blast Story

The Law enforcement agencies have arrested four militants from Tehreek Taliban Punjab in connection with the latest Bomb Blast in Faisalabad.The Law enforcement agencies claimed that they are after tow more suspects and soon going to arrest them too.
The Whole plot is like this,"Usman Ghani and Abdul Rehman told interrogators that they had reached a bus terminal(which one is not mentioned) in Faisalabad on the morning the blast took place.It is reported that the Qari Imran had briefed them on the whole mission at that point of junction.Ghani and Rehman guided Asif, who was driving the car packed with explosives.

It was decided that the Asif had to park the car at a CNG station near the under construction building of the ISI office due to strict security.Its quite interesting story.Next they told that the Terrorist have not manage any vehicle and Ghani, followed the Car on a bicycle.He detonated the remote-controlled car as Asif reached the station.Dead bodies are every where.
Asif died on the spot.After completing the mission successfully Ghani and Rehman tried to escape from the scene on the bicycle because the terrorist can't manage any other vehicle or they believe that they can drive faster than any one else.Quite amazingly a warden put his life at stake and arrested Ghani from the spot.Rehman managed to escape from the scene only to be arrested later.It was also reported that the remote control device was in the hands of the bicycle driver who was trying to escape from the scene.

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